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LT Plug & Light - The Ultimate innovation in lighting

Patented Design - Minimalistic effect in continuous symmetric and asymmetric light lines enhancing the architectural design

Low Cost - High Visual Impact

Our products open incredible new possibilities to create amazing lighting creations and architectural emphasis in plasterboard walls and ceilings.

Open up new design possibilities

The LIGHTALK systems can be installed in both walls and ceilings creating exciting new options of creativity.

Create powerful and dramatic lighting effects

The plasterboard series, painted in the same color as walls and ceilings, blends in and actually disappear while giving the stage to the light.

Add drama to your space

Follow the hidden ongoing light lines forming a unique architectural experience.

Create amazing unique environments

This line of products includes prefabricated symmetric and asymmetric profiles, with a variety of lighting angles, for up-light, down-light and wall-wash.