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Sunset - Part No. LT-135ZY

An industrialized asymmetric plasterboard profile for soft illumination mysteriously penetrating, from wall or ceiling, into the space as a narrow light line.
Design Patent IL51244.

This series is designed for mounting in ceilings for a narrow light line on walls and light flux for art.
Mounting in walls as up-lights and down-light create a narrow angled light line on ceiling/floor, changing according the distance and location.

SunSet Related Items
LT-135ZY Sunset asymmetric narrow angled profile Units of 1/2.6/3 M’
LT-PPZY Sunset inner vertical corner  20/20 C”M
LT-OCZY Sunset outer vertical corner 20/20 C”M
LT-INZY Sunset inner corner Wall Washer  20/20 C”M
LT-OUTZY Sunset outer corner Wall Washer 20/20 C”M
LT-SSZY Sunset end caps Unit
LT-BYPS SunSet & SunRise stud's Bypass Unit

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Sunset - Installation Details.pdf
SunSet - Lighting Ranges.pdf

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